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Included Products

Websites for Car Dealers Dealer Websites

Responsive technology ensures that your website will display consistently on desktops, tablets, and smart phones, enhancing the visitor’s experience with consistent content from every device while also improving SEO.

Integrated Lead Management Integrated Lead Management

Our Integrated Lead Management System allows dealers to electronically track Internet Leads, Phone-Ups, Floor-Ups, and Be-Backs while measuring the effectiveness of Sales People and Advertisers.


Our robust CRM solution gives you the ability to record and manage every touchpoint at your Dealership. Create Electronic Worksheets, print Electronic Deal Documents and create Email Campaigns.

Mobile Desking Mobile Desking

Our Mobile Desking feature creates a more satisfying buying experience for your customers by giving your sales people the ability to easily create electronic worksheets using a tablet or smartphone.

Internet Advertising Management Internet Advertising Management

We have working relationships with hundreds of automotive classified websites giving us the ability to keep your Internet advertising campaign in sync, up-to-date, accurate, and complete across the entire Internet.

Inventory Merchandising Inventory Merchandising

Professionally merchandise your Dealership’s Inventory with our state-of-the-art Custom Window Stickers, Federal Buyer’s Guides, Photo Overlays and Custom Videos with up to 100 Photos of each vehicle.

Craigslist Posting Craigslist Posting

Our new Craigslist Posting Service is automated and integrates directly with the Craigslist API. Dealers can post their Inventory to nine different Dealer Categories. There is a charge of $6 for each vehicle posted to Craigslist.

Inventory Turn Strategies Inventory Turn Strategies

We provide professional consulting in the areas of: Inventory Acquisition, Internet Pricing, Price Reductions, Inventory Turn, Speed-to-Market best practices, and much more.

Additional Products

Website Texting Website Texting

Add the power of texting to your website. The fact is consumers are much more likely to interact via text than any other method. Increase your leads and sales with the powerful new texting feature from Dealer Car Search.

Call Tracking Call Tracking

Our new Call Tracking solution inserts every call your dealership receives into your Integrated Lead Management System. Every call is also recorded for training and quality purposes. is a classified website with nearly 5 million cars that we have developed to generate additional sales for our Dealers. We are promoting this website with a multi-million dollar national TV ad campaign.

Reputation Management Reputation Management

All car buyer’s research your Dealership on a major Search Engine before they will even visit your showroom in person so you need to proactively monitor, protect, and build your Dealership’s online reputation.

Vehicle Evaluator Vehicle Evaluator

The goal is to buy only the fastest selling most profitable vehicles and avoid the slow selling less profitable vehicles. Start using data to determine which cars to buy and more importantly, which cars to avoid.

High Resolution Photos High Resolution Photos

High Resolution Photos will make your inventory stand out from your Competition. When you upgrade your Website to High Resolution Photos you will receive the ability to upload 100 photos per vehicle.

Email Campaigns Email Campaigns

Easily create professional looking Email Campaigns with our User Friendly Drag and Drop System. You can quickly send stunning Email Campaigns to your Sold Customers and Leads.

Chat Software Chat Software

Dealer Car Search is proud to offer you our premium Chat Software. Chat sessions with website visitors are inserted directly into your lead table. These chat leads can then be converted into worksheets and deals.

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